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NOW HIRING 360 PHOTO BOOTH ATTENDANTS (a Celebrity Red Carpets Company) is now hiring "Part-Time" 360 Photo Booth Attendants.



360 Photobooth Attendants are responsible for interacting and warmly greeting guests as they walk by and/or approach the photo booth. Also encouraging guests as weddings; private and corporate events to select a fun prop get in the photo booth and take 360 videos. Ultimately our attendants are responsible for helping to create memories.


* Warmly welcome and greet guests at weddings, private and corporate events

* Encourage guests to get on the 360 photo booth

* Ensure there is enough props

* Set up 360 photo booth with props, share station table and start up procedures

* Maintain clean and organized tables and area

* Be able to manage a crowd and lines for the photo booth


Hourly Rate: $25.00hr (Part-time)




Thank you.

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